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WOW.  This class is certainly demanding.  The assignments are quite fun though, to say the least.  I had a great time with the daily creates as well as the writing assignments.  I also really enjoyed the noir readings.  Check out my blog post with my reaction to those readings here!


Friday, it was our duty to create an eye selfie.  Jessica (my wife) said she could have taken a better one but then it wouldn’t have been a selfie!

Exploring all day yesterday and tracking it all via photos on the collage assignment was awesome.  My wife and I take pictures all the time, but yesterday we packed a lot of things into our day and took pictures everywhere we went.  We did everything from celebrating our dog’s birthday party, to enjoying the sunset and a nice dinner.

Today, the daily create assignment was to generate your own style of Word Art, or a Word Painting; like that of the LA artist Wayne White.  God is very important in my life, so I could think of no other way to knock out this daily create than to give glory to him.


“Inside the mind of a household tool” was the first assignment from The Assignment Bank that I dove into.  From the time I was a young buck until the day I moved out, my father always had us kids (ESPECIALLY ME) using some sort of tool around the house.  I had a good time with this one.  I feel like it really took some critical thinking and genuine creativity to get inside the mind of this household item.

The second writing assignment I chose was to create a haiku using a picture.  Check out what I worked on here.  I haven’t created a haiku since elementary/middle school so it was fun playing with the words.  Haiku’s are rather short, and don’t rhyme, so they are relatively easy to make.  Although, I took some time and switched the words around to make it sum up how I felt in the picture as best I could.

Lastly, we were assigned to write an alternate ending to one of the Noir scripts that we read.  Ernest Hemingway’s, “The Killers” was an interesting read so I chose to use that story.  I worked Vinny D from my character dossier into the ending.  You can check that out here.


Weight Room Quote

This week was exciting, fast-paced and packed with some really interesting stuff!  First of all, the readings were great.  As stated in my Noir readings post (link further up in this post), I am trying to find ways to relate my everyday life to that of a Noir character or old Noir type film.  It’s quite funny actually.  My wife and I have been getting into old Noir films wherever we can find them.  Our favorite that we have watched so far was called “Where Danger Lives” (1950).  My grandfather actually recommended it. This week I have learned how to use tags and link them to different pages in all the different avenues of social media.  Up until this course, I had not had my own Flickr, Youtube or really spent that much time on Twitter in awhile.  Since starting this class, I have gotten back into Twitter.  This may be unrelated to Noir or Computer Science in general, but in my opinion, social media is the best, underestimated marketing/business tool that is FREE to the public.  I am looking forward to growing my knowledge and hopefully becoming an expert of all of these social media outlets!

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