This week in ds106 was exciting, to say the least.  I loved the audio assignments and getting to work with GarageBand.  I am familiar with Audacity in its entirety, so I wanted to play with GarageBand on my Macbook to learn some new software.  The first assignment I did using GarageBand was my Call me a Beatmaster assignment.  This assignment had us create our own mix from scratch using an audio editing software.  I, myself, chose GarageBand and it surely paid off.



I also participated in a live tweet-along this week with my homies on #ds106radio.  We had a blast.  We listened to the audio versions of The Killers and Moon Graffiti.

We all know what The Killers is about.  The audio version was even better than the readings from earlier weeks.  They used intense, dramatic music and loud gunshots to add suspense via the radio.

Moon Graffiti was about Neil Armstrong and his trip to the moon.  It almost seemed so real, as if it was an actual recording of the two men that landed on the moon in 1969.  Some of the dialogue between these two was quite funny.


Moon Graffiti ended up being an excellent performance.  You could hear the camera clicking when they were taking pictures and the helmets on their space suits shutting.  Awesome sounds effects!

This week we were also instructed to brainstorm some ideas for our radio shows.  When I browsed around the main Noir/Ds106 website, many of us had some of the same ideas.  I am hoping this means we will mesh easily and get some quality work done for our radio segment!  Looking forward to working with you all and seeing what all of our groups come up with.


In order to really get the juices flowing for this #ds106radio stuff, we also had to create our very own radio bumper for the station.  I doubt my bumper is worthy of #ds106radio, as it is pretty epic.  I tried to use a different approach than most I heard.  Still, I had fun learning how to mesh my vocal recordings with the different layers of music and jingles on GarageBand.


Telling a story using only sound effects was probably the toughest assignment of the week for me.  I had no idea where to even begin.  Like most of the other required assignments, I browsed around my fellow classmate’s pages for ideas.  Needless to say, there were some pretty good ones.  I also decided to try and broaden the spectrum by going on Youtube and browsing the web.  I found an exciting sound Fx story online and it seemed pretty intense, so I tried my best to imitate it.  Let me know what y’all think!

I hope everyone had as great of a week as I did.  I am clapping my hands (in my head) to myself for getting through another grueling week of ds106.  Although the course is fun and stimulating, it is definitely time consuming and takes a great deal of commitment.

This week, I would say my greatest takeaway comes from creating the radio bumper.  I was able to learn how to play with the pitch of my voice and change it in GarageBand to add a different effect to the radio bumper.  That, also, was my favorite assignment of the week.  Looking forward to seeing what next week has in store!

– CWalk

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