Week 8, it’s a wrap!  Interesting to get back into the DS106 world like we had been the first 5-6 weeks, prior to the radio show project.  My mind had to re-set to the steady work it takes to really be successful in the course.  Either way, I enjoyed the work this week and felt like I really got more opportunity to get the creative juices flowing!


First off, let me start by saying there are some excellent students in this class.  These guys really inspire you to do well and I believe that helps bring the best out in my work.  I see improvement in not only my own, but in everyone’s work in this class, each and every week.  One of our week 8 assignments was to jump on the Inspire website and share some of the work from our classmates that inspires us, and then blog about it.  You check out my blog post here! Below is one of my favorite photo editing assignments that happens to be on the list of my top 4!

project-pic1 Vinny D's Resume

This is one of my assignments from the week where I created a resume for my Noir106/DS106 character, Vinny D.  Our assignments this week were aimed towards building our characters more, so I thought what better way to do that than to complete the resume assignment!

Another assignment I completed was the Create Your Own Character assignment.  Instead of creating my own character, again, I just elaborated on my man Vinny D.  This post gets deeper into the life and mind of Vin, and also tells a little bit about his beef (my character collaboration) with Landon Epperly’s character, Johnny Corner Pocket.

Along with the assignments, we had to create both a gmail and twitter account for our characters and start working with those. Vinny’s email account is vinnydmobbin@gmail.com.  But please, keep it business only when emailing this account.

Yes, do that.

Let me finish this off by talking about my daily creates for the week.

The first one I completed was the ransom poster for Professor Groom.  For this daily create, we were supposed to artistically create a poster as if Jim Groom were kidnapped, and this note was what the kidnapper sent out if we wanted to see him again!  I decided to play a little bit with photoshop for this one, since that is really where my weakest “storytelling” point is in this course. For this assignment, I took some pictures from the internet and combined them as layers.  Then, saturated the pictures, did some mild formatting and tried to get the selfie shot of the professor just right on the TV so that it looked real.  The note was just to add a little humor to the pic! Enjoy!

Groom Randsom Alert

The other daily create I did was from Sunday, where the prompt was to create a tutorial.  In honor of March Madness, I decided to show everyone “how to create a bracket”.  Essentially, this was my first bracket I made, but it took me quite some time to pick as the teams this year really stack up all across the board.  This is just my first one of probably 4 or 5, and I am a Duke fan, so I had to pick one bracket with Duke.  Although, I think this year we will likely see Kentucky go 40-0, and win the National Championship.  If anyone uses this bracket and wins anything, you split the earnings with me!  Give credit where its due!

Take Notes - Bracket #1


This week brought some new challenges to the likes of my character, Vinny D.  I believe I have now a better understanding of who he really is and I enjoyed elaborating on him even more.  My favorite part about week 8 was that we had more free reign over all of the different types of assignments in the assignment bank.  As stated earlier in this post, I really feel like this helped get the creative juices flowing.  The inspire site was also really cool, and it showed me a lot of work that I had missed throughout the semester thus far. 

- CWalk


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