Week 9 has been exceptionally challenging for me.  Not so much the assignments, but just finding the time to complete everything.  The video assignments take the most time for me, especially since I am a perfectionist.  Reading, eh, not so much.  Funny that I enjoy the one that takes the most time.  Oh well, I GOT DIS!


First, let me talk about my daily creates.  The first one I did, I called My Stairway to Heaven.  For this DC, we were prompted to draw a staircase, where if we reach the top it would be us reaching our dream.  Each step was supposed to designate the necessary steps we thought/wanted to take to reach said dream.  Mine is a little unrealistic.  But hey, people can dream!




The next DC I did was the poem about rain.  I was being a little modest in the text of the post when I said I’m not much of a poet, because actually I think I am pretty darn good.  Anyways, check out my post with the Rain Haiku here!  With the video and all, I think it makes for a great read.


Oh man CWalk… yet another post where you go on and on about your group?  Well yeah, if you had a radio show group like mine then you would too!



My final reflection on the NoirWeThereYet radio show is going to be the same old stuff that you have been hearing about the last few weeks.  The group, and I mean everyone in it, was exceptional and literally a pleasure to work with.

This vine below was so awesome that I had to post it again.  It’s on Twitter and is included in my final reflection post.  Basically, this is how I feel about my group.  They make me want to dance.  When we were rocking it in the ITCC on recording day, I was doing this number in my head.

No for real..

Another assignment completed this week was the radio show listen/tweet along.  As always, the shows from this weeks’ broadcasts did not disappoint.  All of the groups did a great job with all aspects of their radio shows.  The best part about listening to these shows, is that all of them were different and all unique in their own way.  See what else I had to say about my experience in my A little ds106radio never hurt anyone.. post.

Notorious 9

 Notorious was the film that I wanted to choose a scene from    to “read”.  I chose a short clip from the party scene where Alicia and Dev work up a plan to steal the key to Sebastian’s  cellar. How are we supposed to read with no words?


This week, the most useful thing I learned was how to delve deeper into my video editing skills.  I have made many highlight videos of myself and friends, but nothing that really ever had any meaning to it other than making myself or friends look awesome.  None of my skills were ever necessary for a grade! But, all in all, I think I learned a lot this week about how to read a movie and overall, how to edit clips/movies to better portray a certain message to a given audience. When editing any video noir, I have been using iMovie for the time being.  If anyone knows any easier or better programs to work with, let me know! 

Stay classy my friends.

- CWalk

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