Week 6 has been a productive week!



Our group for the #NoirWeThereYet radio show has assembled, and we have made a lot of progress! We started off strong and got right to work.  Check out a post on our progress here!


One of my “group” assignments was to create two bumpers for this up and coming radio show! Audio assignments are always a good time in my book.  As I have stated before, I have some experience with audio editing, but this course has forced me to step outside of my comfort zone with such editing.


good job


In the Week’s 6 & 7 post we were instructed to create a poster for our radio show.  I was a bit confused, as I thought this was a group project so we would together on all aspects of the show.  Little did I know, there would be a large majority of individual work that went into it as well.  With that being said, I created a poster that I hoped would gather more listeners of our show.  Check out my poster here!

Another task for the week that was hardly daunting was to participate in another live tweet-along on #ds106radio.  Just like the last one, it didn’t disappoint.  There was great dialogue going and the programs that were featured that night were on point!

One of my other assignments that I chose for the week was the Spooky Sounds assignment for four stars.  I tried to think outside of the box with this assignment and give it a story.  The story is called It’s An Alien Invasion! The intention here was to give the reader a more in depth understanding of the meaning behind these “spooky sounds”.  I wanted to put them right in the scene, and I feel like the story mixed with the audio really helped capture the essence of the assignment.  I would recommend reading the short piece, then play the audio below it once you have read.




All in all, the week was fantastic.  Thankfully, I was able to keep up so I didn’t feel overwhelmed on Sunday trying to finish up a bunch of forgotten work.  Our group is organized (doesn’t happen often in college) and I am happy to say that we are all working hard to make a stellar radio show.


This week brought some different challenges in regards to audio editing.  Learning the importance of different layers and the proper order for those layers was key to reaching the point you were trying to make with that given piece.  My alien invasion post for example, took me quite awhile to get it how I really wanted.  I believe this week I took a step forward as far as “Digital Storytelling” goes, as I was able to accurately write a story to go along with a digital piece that I created. Thanks for a great week in the world of #ds106 – NOIR STYLE. 

- CWalk

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