Consider week 5 to be in the books.  Everyone deserves a high five.  Unfortunately, this was the best I could do.

Maybe a thumbs up would be better!



Alright I’m done.


Anyways, week five has been fun.  Design week brought some new challenges that got me working hard and learning a lot of new things; really stimulated the mind if you will.  Let’s start with the first assignment I completed which was talk about “The Vignelli Canon”.  This guy was a genius when it came to graphic design.  Not to mention, he was working with not even half of the tools we have at our fingertips today.  Vignelli had much to say about almost anything that pertains to design, and then some.  Actually, I shared the picture on my Flickr account and had a few online designers like it (and I had no idea who they were).  It just goes to show you how much of an impact that piece has made in the world of design.

We also had to check out some more Noir films and critique them.  From the list that was provided, I chose The Big Lebowski because it was a movie that I had seen before, but I wanted to watch it now that I have a deeper knowledge of film Noir and really try to pick it apart from that perspective.  Might I add, that after reading “The Vignelli Canon”, I was able to pick up on some extraordinary design elements in the film than I would have never even thought of prior to reading that booklet.


Learning about Copyright and Creative Commons was a pretty interesting assignment this week too.  I had never realized that CC actually had a name and was something that real, but Copyright has been around for centuries.  The Fair Use Doctrine is something we, as students, SHOULD know all too well.  The reality is, many people to this day make the mistake of copyrighting someone’s work from the internet.  The worst part about that is, it ruins the ability to collaborate and be creative for people like us (bloggers).  With that being said, I am thankful for UMW’s Honor Code and the fact that we can feel safe putting ourselves out there.




There was an array of design assignments this week that kept the mind working at full potential.  The three I completed to hit my 12 stars were:

The one I had the most fun with, obviously, was the poster assignment.  Professor Groom’s face could look good just about anywhere, but I had to throw the black and white selfie picture on the…. well you will just have to click the link in the bulleted list to see.

To top it all off, there were some excellent daily creates this week.

FullSizeRender           Play With Your Food

Lion           What’s Your Super Power?


Overall, I had a great time this week learning about, and how to design.  The main thing is that I was able to better hone my skills on GIMP.  I learned how to layer numerous pictures into one shot and make it look so good to the point where the critic would say “That’s gotta be photoshopped”.  I have even begun playing with it outside of #ds106.  The tutorial on the “Create Your Own Wallpaper” assignment gave me great insight into how to work the various tools in the program.  

I learned a great deal about design when I was reading “The Vignelli Canon”.  Perspective, white space, placement, communication and balance are all key items that I felt were strongly cultivated in Vignelli’s booklet.  I can’t imagine anyone being remotely good at design if they don’t know or have some knowledge of this man’s wisdom in regards to graphic design.  

I also learned from my Razzle Ring (daily create) assignment that if Gorilla Glue gets on your fingertips, you shouldn’t touch anything.  And good luck getting it off!

Thanks for reading. I’m out.

- CWalk

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