I, myself, am not an everyday photographer.  I do happen to be married to one though, so I am well versed in the patience and persistence it takes to getting the perfect shot.  This can be especially important when trying to portray a certain message or genre, such as Noir.

When I am trying to portray a certain feeling or meaning, I find it makes it easier to relate the image to a movie or an experience you have had in the past where you remember that feeling/meaning taking place: How did the character(s) feel at that time?  What was going on in the movie? What setting were they in?  What was the camera angle?

Camera angles are crucial to capturing the right moment for the picture.  The wrong camera angle, in my opinion, can portray a completely different meaning than intended.  In Noir, it is extremely important, especially when it comes to video and film.  In fact, some of the movies that we were assigned this week had exquisite camera angles that I felt like really added to the whole Noir theme.


I think to better hone my photography skills I need to be more confident and spontaneous in my picture taking.  I enjoy capturing stills of scenery, my toys and just everyday life.  Also, I need to be more frequent in my picture taking.  Just as with any sport or hobby, practice makes perfect.  Finding chances to take photos is the easy part.  Learning when is the right time and of what is what separates a good photo from a great one.




Written by Vinny D

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Abdalla Islow

It’s great to see how other people write their blog posts. This one is the first one I decided to comment on because I enjoy photography myself, and to see how other people create their images. Another thing I like about this blog post is, the fact your know where you need to work on to improve. #talkingopen106


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