1.  One of my favorite assignments by a fellow student is that of Landon Epperly.  Landon took a daily create and essentially did his own thing with it, but man did he deliver.  The task was to focus on Ruin photography, and Landon took four pictures that he found and create one masterpiece in photoshop.  Below is the final product but you can check out the post here.


2.  Groom shared an assignment on the inspire site from Grant Potter and it was pretty sweet.  He created a short, sweet bumper for ds106radio.  What I liked most about it is that it really stepped away from your generic “You are now listening to ds106radio” bumper.  Not that those are bad, but this really inspired me to be more creative and to think outside the box when it comes to assignments for ds106.  Check out his awesome work below!

3.  This is the link to the third of four of my most inspirational pieces.  Tiffany Yowell took her “photo safari” assignment to the next level. She really did her best (and succeeded at that) to capture Noir in all of her shots.  I loved how there was a title to go along with each photo that summed up exactly what was taking place in the shot. One of the pictures from her post is below:


4.  Emily Bostaph killed it with the McDonald’s commercial.  She made this for our radio show “Noir We There Yet” and it fit perfectly in with the show.  The 50’s style music in the background really made the commerical “pop” so to say.  All of it flowed together well and really inspired me to challenge myself in this class when it comes to creativity and spontaneity; particularly for the audio assignments.  I, myself, feel like the audio assignments are the most fun.  She wrote up a post on this assignment, so check it out!  You won’t be disappointed.

Overall, all of the work I am seeing in this class is great.  All of the students in here are always pushing new limits on the assignments, bringing out the best in everybody.  Looking forward to seeing what everyone has to offer for the rest of the semester! 

- CWalk 



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Tiffany Yowell

Thank you for the Inspire! I’m glad you liked my pictures. It’s always nice to see that someone else likes my work :D Thank you!!


The ruin Photo is great. It’s good to see other people recognize others work and write up about it too!


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