One of our assignments for the week was to tune into another session of ds106radio and “tweet along”.  Getting up at 4am everyday, the last thing I want to do is stay up for some assignment; although I must say, I enjoyed both of the programs that were played last night.

Red Wind

Red Wind

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper

Both were exciting programs.

Guns, intense music and vibrant sound are common themes in audio Noir, and ds106radio was no slouch when it came to staying true to these Noir themes.

OUT meant to say “put”….

The metaphors and personification in the story really brought Red Wind to a strong close.

Jack “The Ripper” was a cunning killer who certainly knew how to stay under the radar.

All in all, my second experience with ds106radio was a good one.  The shows and overall programming last night gave me more insight into how our group radio show can be structured, as well as some ways to make sure it keeps the listener interested (which is obviously the main goal).  Hoping that I can help use this insight to make our show that much better.

– CWalk

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Patrick Boyle

I did the tweet along and loved it. Before Tuesday night I did not like twitter, but then after the tweet along it was so much fun. Now I tweet like crazy. I would recommend that radio show to anyone, mostly because it was fun interacting with all of the DS106 community.

Cody Walker

Yeah man the tweet alongs are great. It is a great way to interact with the class as we don’t have that time like you would in an in-person setting.


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