Alright, ds106 community.  Just wanted to give a formal announcement that the Mafia will be shutting its doors as of this week.  It’s been a great semester and a good time working with and getting to know everyone.  At least, everyone’s internet personalities.  Thanks for everything and good luck to all! – CWalk aka… Read more »


Closing Time…

The case of “findNoirCat” has finally come to a close.  It came to a screeching halt when I had the realization that we had never looked in the one place no one though she would be… Jump on our website for the latest information and to see  how the case shakes out! LINK BELOW Welcome to… Read more »



The Mafia has spotted the cunning NoirCat in downtown Fredericksburg earlier this week.  I was inside Benny’s pizza getting one of those Chicken Bacon Ranch slices (actually I got 2, because I’m a boss) and one of my fellow members snapped a pic of what appeared to be NoirCat strolling on the other side of… Read more »


Without deviation, progress is not possible…

This week, I deviated from updating on the progress of the case we have been working on this week.  Clients wanted updates by Wednesday of this past week, but I have been so busy trying to tie up lose ends and following leads that it just wasn’t possible.           Needless to… Read more »


Get with the program

  Just registered my agency with the head agents on the Noir106 site.  You should probably do this ASAP if your agency has any hope of keeping up. Just a heads up, or maybe a warning.  Take it how you please. – Vinny D


Only a fool would skip work in April

So, Week 11 is up.   I completed two daily creates this week. Below are the assignments that I completed:  What the hell is a Rhinoroo? The Economy’s Taking a Dump What a Pinteresting Thought… Here is the comments I made this week (these are the one’s I could find, I made plenty more): It wasn’t… Read more »


What a pinteresting thought..

Every now and then I hop on Pinterest to get some ideas.  Ideas for cars, gifts for the mob, family vacations, new toys and also the private jet I’m looking into.  You can check out my board below! Vinny D is everywhere, you can even find him on Pinterest!  He made his own board… Read more »


The economy’s taking a dump

In honor of our booming economy here in Brooklyn, I thought I would grace everyone with an updated copy of my resume.  Anyone and everyone with half a brain would hire me to work at their place.  I’ve done it all and can do it all! Devilish good looks and excellent customer service? Psh… might… Read more »


What the hell is a Rhinoroo?

Saw this guy when I was on a hunting trip with my Mafia brothers in South Africa last summer.  The guide said it was called a Rhinoroo?  Don’t ask me, I have no idea what that is and I don’t want to know how it happened… I couldn’t eat for the rest of the trip… Read more »


Creative mind at work here…

Only 2 daily creates this week..  but in no way am I complaining.  The streets keep me busy, so keeping up with this internet stuff is the last thing on my list. Anyway, here ya go:   First, I made Black a Happy Birthday Card.  She deserves it, and I hope she had a good… Read more »

  • Noir Character

    Vinny D.

    Vincenzo DeMartino is Sicilian born and raised.  He and his family came to the states for his father’s work, and never left the place.  They now reside in downtown New York City.  He was born on March 11, 1971.  Most call him Vinny, Vin or Vinny D; MOST being his fellow gangsters or the “fam”…. Read more »

  • NoirLit_twitter_400x400

    Taking a look at noir literature…

    This week in #ds106, there were a few excellent noir examples for us to read.  I chose the following stories: “The Postman Always Rings Twice” “The Killers” “The Wild Party” The Postman Always Rings Twice: This fast-paced, sultry novel has the characters and plot that really capture the essence of noir.  Typical of noir, the story… Read more »

  • twitter

    Hooked on Twitter!

  • hull-gym-weights

    Motivation. The key to success.

    The weight room is my therapy.  It is how I relieve stress and kill the bad vibes.  My life would be a total mess without the weight room. It is my home.

  • MX

    Little MX for you fools

    I raced motocross from the time I was 4 years old up until I was about 16. I’ve been all over the country racing at some of the biggest amateur races in the world.  I played every sport you could think of along the way as well.  Here is a little taste of what I’m… Read more »

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    ds106 Week one.

    What’s going on guys?  Cody Walker here.  I am pretty stoked about getting to tackle this ds106 “adventure” through noir with everyone.  Hoping I can provide a blog that is inspiring and fun, as I am wanting to continue this blog when the class is up.  On my page, you can follow the links in… Read more »