Alright, ds106 community.  Just wanted to give a formal announcement that the Mafia will be shutting its doors as of this week.  It’s been a great semester and a good time working with and getting to know everyone.  At least, everyone’s internet personalities.  Thanks for everything and good luck to all! – CWalk aka… Read more »


Closing Time…

The case of “findNoirCat” has finally come to a close.  It came to a screeching halt when I had the realization that we had never looked in the one place no one though she would be… Jump on our website for the latest information and to see  how the case shakes out! LINK BELOW Welcome to… Read more »



The Mafia has spotted the cunning NoirCat in downtown Fredericksburg earlier this week.  I was inside Benny’s pizza getting one of those Chicken Bacon Ranch slices (actually I got 2, because I’m a boss) and one of my fellow members snapped a pic of what appeared to be NoirCat strolling on the other side of… Read more »


Without deviation, progress is not possible…

This week, I deviated from updating on the progress of the case we have been working on this week.  Clients wanted updates by Wednesday of this past week, but I have been so busy trying to tie up lose ends and following leads that it just wasn’t possible.           Needless to… Read more »


Get with the program

  Just registered my agency with the head agents on the Noir106 site.  You should probably do this ASAP if your agency has any hope of keeping up. Just a heads up, or maybe a warning.  Take it how you please. – Vinny D


Only a fool would skip work in April

So, Week 11 is up.   I completed two daily creates this week. Below are the assignments that I completed:  What the hell is a Rhinoroo? The Economy’s Taking a Dump What a Pinteresting Thought… Here is the comments I made this week (these are the one’s I could find, I made plenty more): It wasn’t… Read more »


What a pinteresting thought..

Every now and then I hop on Pinterest to get some ideas.  Ideas for cars, gifts for the mob, family vacations, new toys and also the private jet I’m looking into.  You can check out my board below! Vinny D is everywhere, you can even find him on Pinterest!  He made his own board… Read more »


The economy’s taking a dump

In honor of our booming economy here in Brooklyn, I thought I would grace everyone with an updated copy of my resume.  Anyone and everyone with half a brain would hire me to work at their place.  I’ve done it all and can do it all! Devilish good looks and excellent customer service? Psh… might… Read more »


What the hell is a Rhinoroo?

Saw this guy when I was on a hunting trip with my Mafia brothers in South Africa last summer.  The guide said it was called a Rhinoroo?  Don’t ask me, I have no idea what that is and I don’t want to know how it happened… I couldn’t eat for the rest of the trip… Read more »


Creative mind at work here…

Only 2 daily creates this week..  but in no way am I complaining.  The streets keep me busy, so keeping up with this internet stuff is the last thing on my list. Anyway, here ya go:   First, I made Black a Happy Birthday Card.  She deserves it, and I hope she had a good… Read more »

  • thatsallfolks


    Week 10 is finito! Below is the links to the work for week 10: Daily Creates (3 for the week) Michael Jordan Assignment (5 Stars) Final Unit Choice Special Person Montage Assignment (5 Stars) I was unfortunately only able to complete 10 stars of assignments this week; the family had an unexpected death.  It may not… Read more »

  • Love-in-Noir-2

    My Number One

    This my number one, my one and only; the love of my life.  She holds me down and keeps me straight.  She does everything with me and always has my best interest at heart.  My wife knows how to keep things on the low when it comes to matters of the mafia.  When life hits… Read more »

  • 93c3c52e87ff4d5c989cd2bf64107b4a


    Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Lebron is my favorite CURRENT player, but as far as stats, achievements and all-around skill; MJ has all other players beat.  This highlight reel shows MJ in his prime and proves his dominance of the game of basketball. While I am a Duke College basketball… Read more »

  • creativity1

    The Creative mind of a Gangster

    Keeping up with all of this noir106 work while trying to lead the mafia is something else.  But, what kind of leader would I be if I didn’t deliver?  I can answer that.  I wouldn’t be a leader at all. The first TDC I did was the 15 Second Batman assignment.  For this, I grabbed a slab… Read more »

  • theagency

    The Mafia way is the only way!

    For the record, if I had to get in a group with any of you’s I’d lose my mind.  Let me also add that if anyone tried to screw me over, you’d be messing with the mafia and not just me.  You would probably regret that.  With all of that being said, I’m flying solo… Read more »

  • brown-paper-bag-hand-bag-jil-sander

    Just throw it in the bag….

      Week 9 has been exceptionally challenging for me.  Not so much the assignments, but just finding the time to complete everything.  The video assignments take the most time for me, especially since I am a perfectionist.  Reading, eh, not so much.  Funny that I enjoy the one that takes the most time.  Oh well,… Read more »

  • Notorious-SetL-thumb-350x139-17296

    How are we supposed to read with no words?

    For our “Reading A Movie” task, I wanted to watch Notorious, as the article How to Read a Movie sort of described a candid shot from there that made it sound good.  I have also heard people talk about this movie as a classic example of Noir, so I figured I would check it out. This scene is… Read more »

  • oldradios

    A little ds106radio never hurt anyone..

    I decided to tune in for some ds106radio for two nights this week.  Let me tell you, there were some great shows on too! The first one I listened to was “Get A Clue”.  This group really did a great job in my opinion.  From the commercials/bumpers to the sound effects, everything that went with… Read more »

  • rain

    A Rain Haiku

    Rain is like the wind. Calm, sometimes intense, and loud. The ground is wet now. This is my second of two daily creates for the week.  The video is just something cool I found from the Rain Room at the museum of modern art to go along with the haiku.   Hope you guys like!… Read more »

  • arvin

    My stairway to heaven…

    For this daily create, we were supposed to draw a staircase that led to our ultimate dream.  Stairway to Heaven just rang a bell for me because my dream is definitely to play in the NBA.  Not that it will ever happen, although, still a fun daily create.  I have found that writing down your… Read more »