Only 2 daily creates this week..  but in no way am I complaining.  The streets keep me busy, so keeping up with this internet stuff is the last thing on my list. Anyway, here ya go:



First, I made Black a Happy Birthday Card.  She deserves it, and I hope she had a good one.  I downloaded a “noir-y” image from online into photoshop, and made some changes to the image properties.  Then, added the text and the masterpiece above is what I came up with!  I know, Hallmark should pay me for this job…


The other daily create I did for this week was the Kindle Cover Disaster.  I had just waffled down a whole large pizza pie, so I was feeling pretty fat, and that’s why I picked up this fat guy in a canoe photo off the internet.  I uploaded the pic into photoshop, and made some slight modifications to the layout and sharpness/saturation of the image.  The text says it all, definitely belongs on the disaster tumblr page!

Kindle Cover Disaster

Written by Vinny D

I am 22 years old and a senior at the University of Mary Washington. I am in pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree in Leadership and Management. I graduated with an Associate's Degree in Business from Germanna before I started attending UMW. I love bodybuilding, any and all sports, my wife...
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Abigail Deaconson

So I love the fat guy picture. If there’s a country to make you fat, Italy would be the place

Julia James

Your play on the word “noir” is always much appreciate by a fan of noir like myself! And your cover photo is hilarious! DS106 is for life even in Rome! haha
Jewel out.

Spencer Scott

Bahahah! The kindle cover is hilarious. I dig it. I wonder if it was tuna sandwich just to spite the fishies? A “you’re next” kind of act.

…And now I’m hungry.

Stephanie White

Great work! This is the first time (I am really sad about that) that I am visiting your website and let me tell you it is absolutely incredible! I LOVE the set up! You have great work! I am really impressed :) Keep it up!


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