Fifa 15.. Re-imagined is one of our Visual Assignments from the Assignment Bank titled “Honest Game Cover”.  Honest Game Cover tells you to pick a random video game and give it a new or “honest” title of what the game really is.  Here is my interpretation of FIFA-15 for Xbox One:

FIFA 15.. Reimagined

I know, it’s quite funny.  Although FIFA is one of my favorite games, I know more than a few people that are really good at FIFA and have no idea how to play real soccer.  I joke with them about this all the time.  So, when I saw this assignment in the Assignment Bank, I knew it was for me.  Editing photos isn’t my strong-suit, but I had fun trying to figure out what to do with this one.  I frequently use an engineering software called Bluebeam for work (I am a Project Manager), but unfortunately uploading a .pdf file to either Flickr or this “Add Media” option on WordPress wouldn’t bring up the picture correctly.  Anyways, hope you enjoy!

If you have any suggestions of free photo/video editing software please let me know.  I probably know of some I just can’t think of any right now. Thanks!

Written by Vinny D

I am 22 years old and a senior at the University of Mary Washington. I am in pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree in Leadership and Management. I graduated with an Associate's Degree in Business from Germanna before I started attending UMW. I love bodybuilding, any and all sports, my wife...
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GIMP ( is a popular free and open source image editing program. If you use Windows, there is also Paint.NET (, but you’d probably be the only person in this course using it.

For video editing, there is Movie Maker ( or iMovie ( As far as I know, these come with the operating systems – I’ve always had them and never bought or installed them.

If you’re running into issues with file formats (like PDF), you could try Zamzar ( for converting them.


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